Heritage Walk

Heritage Walk

Heritage Walks at Kaladhungi and Chhoti Haldwani

As part of the 6th Uttarakhand Bird Festival at Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve, we bring you Heritage Walks, conducted by Corbett Gram Vikas Samiti. The heritage walks will take you through a journey back in the time of the famed hunter-turned conservationist, Jim Corbett. The heritage walks be conducted at Kaladhungi, 20 kilometer from Haldwani and 8 kilometers from Chunakhan.

Kaladhungi Heritage Walk
: The hamlet of Kaladhungi gained importance as a staging post during British times, being on the approach route to Nainital. It is dotted with several heritage structures of that era. These find mention in stories of Jim Corbett. To walk around them while listening to the tales and fables associated with them is a fascinating experience.

Chhoti Haldwani Walk
: Jim Corbett bought a large area of land next to his house to develop as a model village. When he left India in 1947 he made his tenants master of their land. His wish of making them self-reliant was fulfilled when they formed a samiti to run a community based tourism program for the village. The walk around the village exposes you to the village life, culture and the tales of Corbett associated with them.

Dates: 7th, 8th and 9th February 2020

Duration: 3 hrs, 25 people per group, two groups

Time: 900-1200 hrs

Requirements: A good pair of walking shoes, water bottle and a cap

Starting point: Jim Corbett's museum, Kaladhungi

The Chhoti Haldwani walks will be lead by members of the Samiti.


Please contact Mohan Pandey, +91 9411324204 to join the heritage walks.

Heritage walks for public

A maximum of 25 people per trail is envisaged. Registration is on the spot on first-come- first-served basis. Please report at the trails 15 minutes prior to trail start time. The exact reporting point for each of the trails will be informed before hand.

Heritage walks for schools and institutions

Schools and institutions wanting to go on heritage walks need to register in advance and may contact Mohan Pandey, +91 9411324204 to do so.